Sergey, Russia, PFS

Story by Sergey

Syndrome since 2011


My story is next.
Finasteride (Proscar) gave me a dermatologist in September 2010, as an anti-androgen therapy, 1mg each for a year.
Finasteride was given to me by a dermatologist in September of 2010 as an anti-androgen
therapy, 1mg per day for a year.
I used it for 6 months (from September 2010 to March 2011).
During the period of consumption (about one to two months later), I got a lot of disorders
negative side effects:
1. Sexual: decrease in testicular and scrotum size (apparently a change in temperature); decrease
in penis sensitivity; absence of libido; decrease in the volume of ejaculate (in the process of
consuming finasteride it was excreted in the form of 1-2 thick drops or a small amount of white
2. Endocrine: obesity (with the main distribution of fat in the buttocks, hips and abdomen);
increased body hair; dryness and skin elasticity; strong sweating.
3. Nervous: constant general fatigue; difficult morning ascent and lack of vigour; poor
temporary memory; reduced learning ability; problems with concentration and memory;
difficulties in communication, i.e. problems in building sentences, problems with the timely use
of the right words in conversation.
From 2011 to 2013 I actively consulted numerous doctors (endocrinologists, urologists,
therapists, neurologists), they did not even bother to dig into the problem  get to the bottom of
the problem and organize an appropriate examination.
Despite the general unprofessional and indifferent behavior of the doctors, it was possible to find
some of the disorders described in the literature on finasteride I was able to find some of the
finasteride symptoms described in medical literature, these are such as: insulin resistance (a sign
of diabetes mellitus type 2), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, obesity of the 1st degree,
abdominal, progressive, dyslipidemia 2A according to the Friedrickson classification.
I have never suffered from any of the above previously. It is the result of the intervention of
finasteride in my body.
In 2013 I even sued the health care system, but lost because the courts in Russia act solely in the
interests of officials. When I was sent for a appointed a medical examination, I was robbed and
forced to pay 50,000 rubles. (Although, as one lawyer told me, it costs no more than 15,000

Since 2014, I have been trying to get physicians to carry out examinations according to the data
obtained in the PFS studies and described in the scientific literature. I have applied to various
medical centres, but I am ignored everywhere.
Based on my own experience, doctors are not able to develop methods of investigation,
examination and treatment. They are completely incapable of being creative, but the worst part is
that they simply don't care about people who are sick. Doctors do not even want to understand
PFS, they work according to the standard and methods.
Doctors don't even want to understand the PFS problem, they work according to the standard.
Currently, I am trying to force doctors to conduct an examination according to the data obtained
in the studies and described in the scientific literature. I appeal to  contacted different medical
centers, but so far without results.
So there is no solution to the urgent need for any examination strategy, no methods are offered.
Friends, it is necessary to unite for the organization of effective medical care. Nobody but us –
the affected people – is interested in solving the problem of finasteride. It is necessary to become
a force for us that will make the world and the medical community react effectively, even if it
will require turning the whole world upside down.
We have nothing to lose.