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Representatives of the PFSRA

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Simon Breidert, Medicine, Chairperson Of The PFSRA

Simon Breidert is a licensed physician and entrepreneur. He brings years of clinical and technological experience to the PFS Research Association.  After studying medicine he gained medical experience working in several hospitals. He also co-founded a neurotechnology company and a medical food startup. Here he gained experience working together with renowned international researchers and creating research consortium for an H2020 study. He is was confronted with his own PFS symptoms since 2017. Mr Breidert was elected to the Chairperson of the  PFS Research Association in May 2020. He lives in Berlin where he works as a physician


Yaroslav Paniflov, Molecular Biology, Second Chairperson Of The PFSRA

Slava Panfilov is co-founder of the PFS Research Association. Yaroslav studied molecular biology before he became a entrepreneur in the field of medical devices. He is running his own biomedical company.  Through his training in molecular biology and his experience in the management of a biomedical company, he supports the association and stands by with his experience. Slava has been personally dealing with the PFS since the summer of 2018.


  • Funding PFS Research Projects 
  • Building a scientific network for PFS/PSSD/PAS
  • Building a network of volunteers 


We want to initiate the sound scientific investigation of PFS and related disorders. We want to achieve objective diagnostics of PFS, molecular research and finally the development of a cure. Therefore we build a network of scientists and experts, initiate research projects, raise funds for research and build a volunteer network to increase the speed of progress


  • Creating community projects 
  • Building an alliance with other post-drug syndromes 
  • Building a patient registry 
  • Building a PFS biobank network 
  • Getting PFS classified in the ICD and internationally recognized


We envision a strong PFS community, that participates in driving forward progress for PFS. Our final goal is the development of treatment options and finally a lasting cure for PFS. The PFS Research association is open to new members and volunteers.
If you can’t invest money, you can invest time!
Join us and help us to reach a cure faster!